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£9.49 GBP / Monthly

Plan includes

CPU Shared E3v5 Threads @ 3.6 GHz+
Memory 2GB DDR4 ECC Dedicated RAM
Disk space 40 GB Intel 750 NVMe SSD
Uplink 2x 1Gbit/s Dual Diverse Uplinks
IP space 1x IPv4 & IPv6
Bandwidth 2TB @ 1Gbit/s
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Why VDS-2 is so special?

  • Great network. We operate AS62240.
  • Upstreams include Level3, NTT, GTT, Cogent
  • Open peering policy. We peer at LINX LON1 and LON2.
  • Peers include BT, TalkTalk, Sky, Zen, A&A and 500 others!
  • Multi 10Gbit/s core based on Juniper
  • Every server powered from Dual A&B UPS supplies
  • Centralized N+1 HV standby diesel generators
  • N+1 CRAC units within each data hall with A&B UPS supplies
  • Powered by 100% renewable sources
  • 24/7 NCI Gold accredited on-site security

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Software licenses - cPanel VPS license

Software licenses - Kernel Care

Software licenses - CloudLinux

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Description Price
VDS-2 £9.49 GBP
VAT @ 20%   £1.90 GBP
Total Recurring:
£11.39 GBP Monthly

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£11.39 GBP


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